We are a team of qualified teachers from different Spanish speaking countries with more than 6 years of experience teaching in the United Kingdom and more than 15 years in different countries of Europe and South America.

We love the Hispanic culture and dedicate ourselves to the teaching of the Spanish language and culture. Our private group and 1:1 lessons have an immediate impact in the students’ written and oral skills. We deliver classes for all ages including children, teenagers and adults.


Carolina Portillo

My name is Carolina Portillo Costa. I graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor Degree in Communication and Mass Media studies. I am also a Spanish writer and journalist who graduated in 2013 with a Master Degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language from the University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain.

I am passionate about teaching Spanish and have always enjoyed interacting with people, from different backgrounds, who love learning languages. Being confident and hardworking enables me to offer outstanding lessons that are fun and easy to remember.
I am an experienced traveller. In the last fifteen years I have visited and worked in many countries. I left Buenos Aires, my hometown in Argentina and moved to Madrid to work as a journalist in the Channel of Antenna 3 International. Following this, I moved to Greece where I taught Spanish. These experiences have been enriching and an eye opener. Their benefits are channelled into my teaching for the general good of the learners.

I come from a multicultural family drawing roots from Spain, Brazil and Argentina and I have always loved languages.
I moved to London in 2014 where I worked enthusiastically in a Secondary school in the languages department, preparing the students for the A levels and GSCE exams. I have also worked in after school clubs for kids in different schools as a Spanish teacher.
At present I am working as Spanish Teacher for adults, GCSEs tutoring and business groups in different companies in London. My experiences so far have been positive and enjoyable. I am looking forward to widening my circle of students and hope to have the pleasure of meeting you in my classes sometime soon. Hasta pronto.

Ana Laura Rubeo

My name is Ana Laura Rubeo and I am a fully qualified native Spanish teacher. I have many years of experience teaching Spanish in London. I teach structured, enjoyable and fun lessons.

My tutoring days started more than twenty years ago in my country, Argentina. I went to University there and graduated in Teaching and Translation Studies. I was an English as a second language teacher for more than fifteen years in different institutions. I began as a tutor teaching from primary to secondary school students. Two years later, I began working in State Secondary Schools and after that I worked in the private sector. I then decided it was time to start my own Academy. Once established, I had small groups of students from five-year-old children to adults and I prepared them to sit for their International Tests such as Pet, Ket, First Certificate and Proficiency levels at the end of every school year in the ICAB (Instituto Cultural Argentino Británico). At that time all my students passed their International exams with excellent results. Later on, I started preparing University students from many varied courses of studies such as Veterinary, Medicine, Anthropology, Biology, Engineering, Arts, among others to sit for their English 1 and English 2 examinations.

In 2012 I moved to London and I became a full-time Spanish Teacher for KS3, 4&5 in an outstanding secondary school. It was at that time that I knew I wanted to further my career in this capacity here too.
I believe that through education people achieve independence and freedom and become better versions of themselves. In my adult life, my experience shows that I continue to be committed to my own professional development and to improve the life chances of the students I work with by offering them the best quality of teaching that I can.

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